Creating calm & clean at home (without losing your mind!) 

Teaching simple and time saving tricks to help make our homes cleaner ~safer ~and better.

Who wants to spend their entire lives cleaning their houses? Who has time for that anyway? Maybe you’re in your forever home, but do you want to clean it forever?

My search for solutions to cleaning quickly and safely led me to Norwex, and I’m officially a Norwex nut!!! Actually, a GROOVY Norwex nut! Come join in as we learn together some tips and tricks for everyday life at home.

How can we help you?

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Meet cheryl

Hi, Friend! I’m Cheryl – a former office administator and HR assistant turned Norwex nutbar! I thoroughly enjoy helping others discover a different and effective way of cleaning without the use of harmful chemical.

I’ve been working with Norwex for 8 years and have loved training other team members so they, too can turn their passion into cash. Join me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to find more helpful tips for cleaning & organization – with a big dose of FUN!!!